About - Betty Streff
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Who is This Betty Streff?

Betty Streff

I began my crash-course entrepreneurial adventure when I found myself with no degree and no job, on a farm with my husband and two kids, 3 miles outside a village of 450 people. After a sobering self-assessment, I realized that my sparse asset inventory consisted of my ability to draw, to sew, to talk to strangers, $40, and a sewing machine.  But most important, I had deep faith and a belief that God had a huge plan for my life.  So naturally, I began sewing some pillows and bibs to sell, wouldn’t anyone?

I began doing craft shows and when the first season ended, we packed a suitcase full of samples and headed  down the Interstate to find customers.  Somehow, the business grew into a cottage industry and up to 50 women worked to produce my designs and ship them all over the United States.

Early on, I turned to books and audios for advice.  The best authors became my invisible Board of Directors and provided guidance for me.   Nine years later, I opened a gift shop sixty miles from home. During seventeen years of a 120 mile daily commute, I turned my minivan into “Rolling University” and dedicated myself to learning all I could about success, motivation, business, leadership, personal development and spirituality.  As I learned, I shared with many groups about what it takes to overcome obstacles, stay focused, be entrepreneurial and to always pay it forward.

After more than 30 years of intense study on the subject of self-improvement, I have developed a unique system of what it takes to succeed and to be happy .  Think of me as your own Cliff’s Notes for the study of Living Life With Purpose.   Today, my  passion is sharing what I have learned and I’m distilling it here for you so I can help you become the best possible version of yourself.  I am going to give you food for thought, some laughs,encouragement,  a blueprint, and belief that you can achieve whatever it is your heart calls you to do.