August 2018 - Betty Streff
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August 2018

on break

Feeling Disconnected? Sometimes You Simply Need to Take a Break.

“Being connected to everything has disconnected us from ourselves and the preciousness of this present moment.”~L.M. Browning   One year ago, almost to the day, I came back from a break refreshed and renewed. Soon after my short "control-alt-delete" period, I launched this website and blog. In fact, after unplugging for a month or so, I resumed posting on the day of the 2017 solar eclipse just to...

Five Bedrock Principles You Can Always Bank On

Last week, I wrote about being overwhelmed by circumstances and offered a list of suggestions that might help someone get unstuck. You can read it here. Interestingly, right after I posted it I bumped into something I wrote on LinkedIn long before I ever had a blog. It tells me we've been struggling with overload for a long time. I'm reprinting it here with a...

complete overwhelm

Seven Ways to Overcome Overwhelm. Yes, My Friend, You Can Win the Battle!

“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.”~Paulo Coelho   Overwhelm. What do you think? Can it be used as a noun? Doesn't it perfectly describe the state of mind we experience when our life seems like a complete, out-of-control hot mess? Almost every dictionary in print categorizes the word as...

Do You Need More Moral Fiber in Your Diet?

    “Just try to be the best you can be; never cease trying to be the best you can be. That’s in your power.” ~ John Wooden   Traits like character, integrity, and moral fiber seem to fascinate us. People who possess these qualities are rare and those who do have them develop a certain mystique. Instead of drama, fits of rage and huge shakeups, their focus is simply...