See You Tomorrow! I've Been Sistering! - Betty Streff
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See You Tomorrow! I’ve Been Sistering!

big sis little sis

See You Tomorrow! I’ve Been Sistering!

“Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.”~ Author Unknown


Ridiculous isn’t it, to think that four days once a year or so is enough to catch up with your sister? The time simply flies by. We never got to the bottom of the list of all we wanted to do while she was here. How silly we were to think we could squeeze more work into the fraction of a week we had to share!


It was lovely, though, and sweet and while we are many years apart in age, we seem to grow more the same and closer as the years shape us. We spent time with our mom and we could see how it cheered her and made her perk up. But now, we have to say goodbye til next time.


We have to wake up at a cruelly early hour so she can catch a flight across the country. She’ll spend her birthday with her firstborn daughter. This year, it falls on Mother’s Day like it did when she arrived. Happy birthday, sis!


See you all tomorrow!


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