Is It Just a Coincidence or More Life-Changing Magic of De-Cluttering? - Betty Streff
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Is It Just a Coincidence or More Life-Changing Magic of De-Cluttering?

magic of de-cluttering

Is It Just a Coincidence or More Life-Changing Magic of De-Cluttering?

“Clutter is not just physical stuff, it’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits.” ~Eleanor Brown


If you are a regular reader you know this and by the way, bless you if you are. I’m so thankful for you. I love to begin with a quote. It’s because I find it sort of satisfying to know others before me have noodled on the same issues as I do. When I find a good one I often think, “gee, I wish I’d said that” because my goodness, there are so many people who just dazzle me with their eloquence! Last week I wrote about what clutter can do to our happiness and well-being and it’s ugly. It’s a battle worth fighting!


But about the quote. Something interesting happened this time around, something that’s never happened before. My intro was a well-turned phrase from Kerri L. Richardson but I must admit until last week, I had never heard her name. Until last Friday. Yep, the Internet is both creepy and awesome. Like the way it “knows” what we’re interested in, right? (I suggest we use it to our advantage instead of letting it freak us out.) The day after my post appeared, I got a promotional email about a book called What Your Clutter is Trying to Tell You. The author? You guessed it, Kerri L. Richardson.


clutter block

And it’s not just stuff! A deeper dive into all the things that can actually be clutter, too.


“You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk.”~Louise Smith


Here’s a nerdy little nugget for you. The origin of the word clutter goes back to the 1500’s. It comes from clotter. That’s right, as in coagulate, congeal, curdle. Yuck. Kind of puts it in a new light, doesn’t it? So, if we’re interested in shedding some emotional baggage and traveling lighter and more purposefully in the direction of our dreams, clutter in all forms needs to go! Right?



Here’s a happy nugget for you, my friends, Kerri’s book is available from Amazon on your Kindle or Kindle app instantly, for the tiny little cost of just $1.99 right now but I don’t know how long it will be available at that price! My advice is grab it while you can. It’s jam packed with all kinds of warm, non-judgmental advice, tips, tidbits, tricks and ideas about how to make it happen in your life. She talks to her readers like the friend and coach that she is. I’m loving it and it makes a ton of sense! Order yours right now, right here! If you like it as much as I did, write a review- help spread the word!



I’ve never met Kerri or spoken to her but we did have a couple of brief email exchanges and I told her I wanted to tell all my favorite folks to grab their copy! You know what’s really funny? My enthusiasm for her techniques must be having a ripple effect already in our little family. I tried to buy some things for our daughters last week and they’re starting to say, “Momma, I don’t need more stuff!” In fact, one of them is already planning a “life-changing magic garage sale” of her own next month!




Looking for more?


I’ve created a couple of life-changing programs that will transform the way you see yourself. Give me an hour with your staff or organization and they’ll walk out the door enthused, re-energized and inspired. You are worth it!! Want to know more? Email me at We’re in full swing summer mode! See you next week!




  • Sonya McLeod

    Oh my! I’m reading this as I sit at my garage sale. I have every table full of items I don’t need and the worst part is I still have boxes in my basement of things I don’t need. I better order that book now!

    June 8, 2018 at 1:41 pm
  • Gail

    Thank you Betty! Bought to the book for the price of a cup of coffee – amazing! And will begin one step at a time “letting go” of stuff. Needed that!

    June 8, 2018 at 10:03 pm
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