New Eyes Lesson #7. Four Reasons You Need A Mentor - Betty Streff
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New Eyes Lesson #7. Four Reasons You Need A Mentor

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New Eyes Lesson #7. Four Reasons You Need A Mentor

“Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Did you know if it had been a normal road trip, the Israelites could have made it from the foot of Mt. Sinai to the edge of Canaan, the promised land, in two weeks or less? Isn’t that amazing? If they had been less stubborn or better listeners, it would not have taken forty years.


I seem to have spent more time in the wilderness than average and I’m not quite sure why. Maybe for the same reasons it took the Israelites so long. I’m not alone, though. At some point, we all spend time metaphorically wandering way too long in the desert. That’s when we need mentors. Anyone can veer off course and get lost. Sometimes we even forget where we’re going or lose confidence in our ability to get there. It’s easy to feel really hungry and dry when that happens.


I’m either blessed or lucky, probably both. Thankfully, I’ve always met people who became an oasis on my path. They fed and refreshed me as I continued my journey. I can name quite a few who came to my aid over the years and I bet you can too. As each entered my life they became a beacon to light my way through the dark nights of my travels. They whispered “you can do this” in my ear and I thank God for each of them.


deer mentor

We all need mentors


When you study the lives of highly successful people, and by this I’m not referring only to financial success, you’ll find they all had mentors.  Over the years you might have many. They have a way of appearing at the precise moment we lose our place on the map or need to forge a new path. When we venture most boldly toward becoming all we were created to be, our need for the support of caring mentors is greatly increased. We’re climbing a mountain and we need a wise sherpa to guide us.


Today, we hear a lot about the power of having a mentor. It’s a term with origins in antiquity. Centuries ago when Homer wrote The Odyssey, Mentor was the name of the character entrusted to guide young Telemachus when his father Odysseus went off to fight the Trojan War. His name has become the word mentor, an experienced counselor, guide, guru and confidante.


Four reasons you need a mentor


Your mentor is further along the path that you are now. Your mentor can show you the shortcuts and help you avoid the dead ends. It’s empowering to know you don’t have to go it alone.


A mentor is inspiring. There’s  a certain magic in being in the company of someone you admire for their courage, foresight, problem solving and triumphs. Somehow they make you believe you can do it too. You come away recharged and refreshed.


A mentor sees more in you than you see in yourself. We know all our own flaws and failings and that can obscure our view of our own potential. Often times we become blind to our own abilities. A mentor will help you see life with those new eyes I’ve been telling you about!


A good mentor will push you and stretch you. A good mentor is the ultimate accountability partner and will never let you settle for being less than you can become. A good mentor doesn’t give up on you and won’t let you give up on yourself.


Let’s meet here again Thursday


The subject of our need for a mentor always gives rise to questions. Where do I find one? How do I get one? Why would anyone want to mentor me?  Well dear ones, those are all good questions and that’s enough for a whole ‘nother post. So, let’s tackle those questions and more next time. See you then!









  • Gail

    Loving these blogs – looking forward to the next one!

    February 5, 2018 at 12:39 pm
  • Molly

    ❤️ I consider you my mentor and my friend. I’m doubly blessed.

    February 5, 2018 at 1:05 pm
  • Mentors are our guiding angels….they show us new pathways….

    February 5, 2018 at 1:36 pm
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