A Narrow Escape From the Tyranny of the Urgent - Betty Streff
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A Narrow Escape From the Tyranny of the Urgent

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A Narrow Escape From the Tyranny of the Urgent

“Your greatest danger is letting the urgent things crowd out the important.” ~ Charles E. Hummel


Things were getting a little crazy in my life the last couple of weeks. I hate it when I don’t listen to the advice that rolls off my own tongue. Hate. It. And I absolutely cringe when I realize I’m sporting a big old busy badge, you know, the one I warn against? Worse yet, when I fall into the trap that is THE biggest thief of joy. The thing I pontificate about, the thing I know has no winner. The comparison game.


I almost got caught in the traps that suck the fun right out of Christmas but just before I veered off the cliff I put on the brakes and escaped. I ducked out for the weekend with my husband. We spent a little time in what we call our happy place and did a lot of talking about the things that matter. We looked through the lens differently. Pressed reset. Contol-alt-deleted.


From time to time we all need to play hooky from life for a little while. With a spouse, with a friend, and yes, even by yourself. The key is the reset if even for a few hours, it is so valuable!


Avoid the trap!

Whew, I did! So only a very brief post today but  I’ll see you Thursday, my friends, and resume talking about how important it is to see life with new eyes!

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