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How to Know Your Wow. New Eyes Lesson # 5

“To one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability.”~ Matthew 25:15   Life’s become a spectator sport. We’ve become wired for wow. We spend hours glued to the screen watching other people do all sorts of amazing stuff. For instance, my mom absolutely loves Dancing With the Stars. And, I have a good friend who’d never miss an...

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New Eyes, Lesson 1: Be Wowed by Little Things

"Let the little things amaze you. That's how you'll remember life is a miracle" Alexandra Wolf   My husband is German on both sides of the family. Farm born and bred, he's never met a potato he didn't like. We've been married close to 50 years. Wow! (Yes, I was twelve.) And, I'm absolutely certain I've peeled truckloads of spuds in the course of holy matrimony. In fact, I...